Sergey Anufriev
Solo exhibitions

Odessa catacombs. Odessa, Ukraine

Single Viewer Gallery, EIZEN LAB, Kosztur's apartment, Odessa, Ukraine

Sergey Anufriev. Reflections, Galerie Iragui, Moscow, Russia


Apothecary Garden, Botanical Garden of Moscow State University, within the framework of the 6-th Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art parallel program, «On plein-air», Moscow, Russia


Saturnalia. MosHaos, Moscow, Russia

Saturnalia. Marat Guelman Gallery, Moscow, Russia


Patternism. Ruarts Gallery, Moscow, Russia


Peace to the world! GazGallery, Moscow, Russia


The Great No One’s. (With A. Nasonov and I. Dmitriev). L Gallery, Moscow, Russia


A Souvenir`s Problem. Blank Gallery, Kiev, Ukraine


Aufder Such nach neuen “Nervi rennn”. (With О. Ziangirova and М. Chuikova). Sprinkenhof, Hamburg, Germany

Mentale Landschaften Russlands. (With О. Ziangirova and М. Chuikova). Galerie Parzival, Berlin, Germany


Aqua Vita. (Together with O. Ziangirova and М. Chuikova). Contemporary Art Museum, Odessa, Ukraine


Sergei Anufriev – Alexander Gnilitsky. Gallery 1.0, Moscow, Russia


Exhibition at N. Alexeev’s apartment. APTART, Moscow, Russia

Group exhibitions

The Pipe or the Alley of Longevity. Regina Gallery, Moscow, Russia


Hostages of Voids. Aesthetics of empty space in Russian Art during XIX-XX centuries. The State Tretyakov Gallery at Krymsky Val, Moscow

Nothingness. RuArts Gallery, Moscow, Russia

Solitaire. (A joint installation of Sergey Anufriev and Katusha Chalaya). Iragui Gallery, Moscow, Russia


I Belive. Installation Buratinia, Moscow, Russia


Information Leak. (A group exhibition-installation of Sergey Anufriev and Arkady Nasonov). The State Tretyakov Gallery at Krymsky Val, Moscow, Russia


The Pole of Cold. Inspection Medical Hermeneutics and Russian Art of the 90s, National Higher School of Fine Arts, Paris, France


MG Star. Inspection of Russian Art of the 90s. Krasnoyarsk Museum & Exhibition Center, Krasnoyarsk, Russia

A Wolf of a Man. Continuation of Hunting, Tere Gallery, Odessa, Ukraine


Cloudy Commission. Venice Biennale, presented by the Sprovieri Gallery, Venice, Italy


Cloudy Commission. Series of exhibitions in Germany


Cloudy Commission. Series of exhibitions in Switzerland


Medhermeneutics. Kunsthall, Dusseldorf, Germany


Baths (exhibition-action). Avant-gardists Club, Sandunovsky Baths, Moscow, Russia


In Hell (exhibition-action). Avant-gardists Club, Moscow, Russia

Retrospective of Moscow Artists’s Works 1957-1987. Amateur Association Hermitage, Moscow, Russia

First exhibition of Avant-gardists Club (CLAVA). Moscow, Russia

Cubism. Avant-gardists Club, Vrubel Gallery, Moscow, Russia


Art versus Commerce (exhibition-action). Bitsa Park, Moscow, Russia


Odessa-Moscow. APTART Gallery, Moscow, Russia


APTART in Nature. Kalistovo, Moscow Region, Russia

APTART behind a Fence. Tarasovka, Moscow Region, Russia

Come Yesterday and You'll Be First. City without Walls: an urban artists collective Inc, Contemporary Russian Art Center of America, New Jersey, New York, USA


First APTART Exhibition. APTART Gallery, Moscow, Russia


Russian NewWave. Contemporary Russian Art Center of America, Soho, International Art Center, New York, USA

Sergey Anufriev was вorn in 1964 in Odessa (Ukraine). After moving to Moscow, the artist lived in the famous squat in Furmannyy Pereulok. He is a representative of the Moscow conceptualism. In 1986, together with Sven Gundlach, Anufriev founded the Avant-Garde Club (KLAVA) and became its first chairman. With artists Yuri Leiderman and Pavel Pepperstein, he has created the collective called Inspection Medical Hermeneutics. “No one was going to shock or impress someone, to interest or to drag into something. All the objects were ‘things in themselves’ — quite closed and hermetical. Moreover, the exhibitions themselves were a kind of theoretical space in which various objects were located. One can characterize this as a continuation of the text. Nowadays, one can only dream or blissfully recall such a degree of distraction and soaring over the practice.” (P. Pepperstein about the Medhermeneutics in an interview for the project In sight. Episodes of the artistic life of 1986–1992, Ekaterina Cultural Foundation, 2015). Anufriev, co-authored with Pavel Pepperstein, has wrote the post-modern novel Mifogennaya lyubov kast (in two volumes, 1999, 2002). He is the creator and a participant of many art groups, including Cloud Commission, Tartu Society, Kosa, Russia. Anufriev participated in the first exhibition at the APTART Gallery (1982), as well as in many program group exhibitions covering the history of unofficial Soviet and contemporary Russian art, such as Fluchtpunkt Moskau. Werke der Sammlung Ludwig und Arbeiten für Aachen (Aachen, 1994), Kunst im Verborgenen. Nonkonformisten Russland 1957–1995. Sammlung des Staatlichen Zarizino-Museums, Moskau (Ludwigshafen, Kassel, 1995), IsKUNSTvo. Moscow — Berlin/Berlin — Moskau (1998) and others. Lives in Moscow and Odessa.

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