Slava Filippov
Slava Filippov is one of the most demanded photographers in Russia, author of dozens of covers and several hundred photo shootings for Vogue, GQ, Snob, Elle, Tatler, Marie Claire and other magazines.
Slava Filippov was born in Perm, in an ordinary family, not related to the art environment. After finishing the school, he went to study in Austria at the Faculty of Economics, but soon decided to change his occupation and take up photography. Since 1995, Filippov regularly organizes filming and quickly becomes in-demand professional: first in Austria, then in Spain and finally in Russia.
Since then, Slava Filippov successfully collaborates with the publishing houses Condé Nast and Hachette, taking pictures of famous actors, models and cultural figures.
Besides portraits, Slava Filippov pays great attention to nudity. Female bodies in his photographs are distinguished by a special sophisticated eroticism and perky attractiveness.
In 2011 Slava released a limited hardcover edition book Filippov Slava Book with his photographs and the next year his first solo show entitled Butterfly Effect took place in The Goncharov–Filippov urban estate. It presented the works from his personal archive with the image of butterflies, made in a graphic style.
Another project Eraser carried out together with the artist Mario Nubauer is exhibited at MSK Eastside Gallery in 2015, and in 2018 Filippov’s personal exhibition FineCut took place at Ruarts Gallery. The latter exposition included more than 50 pictures taken by the author over the past 15 years and represented not only portraits, nude and fashion shooting, but also genre shots that were not published anywhere else before.


Finecut. Ruarts Gallery. Moscow, Russia

Eraser. Together with Mario Nubauer. MSK Eastside Gallery. Moscow, Russia

Butterfly Effect. Goncharov–Filippov urban estate, Troika Multi Space. Moscow, Russia
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