Riccardo Murelli
Ricсardo Murelli

Born 1975 (Rome). Riccardo Murelli is a versatile artist usually working with metal, but in the recent years he started to develop projects in wood, especially in Eastern Europe and Russia. After studying Philosophy, his sculpture career started in 1996 by assisting international artist Beverly Pepper through 2003. Since then his work has explored different techniques, such as sculpture, etching, drawings, as well as alternating single art works with site specific installations.
Based on geometrical shapes, Murelli’s work opens a discourse about the rhythm of human life as an allegory and has focused progressively on the concept of transparency, on the link between the two-dimensional and three-dimensional, on the mega and the micro.
His artistic experience has enabled him to create works of different proportions and various environments, from private to urban spaces.
He currently divides between his studio of Todi in Italy and in Moscow.

Selected solo exhibitions

Costruzione. Together with Mikhail Rozanov. Ruarts Gallery, Moscow, Russia
Unlimited in the magic of Serpara. (Сurated by Alberto Dambruoso). Civitella d’Agliano, Italia
Unlimited. Forest in the Forest. (Curated by Katja Pal). Lendava, Slovenia
Introspection. Perm Museum of Contemporary Art. (Curated by Mikhail Surkov). Perm, Russia
Oil on Paper. Studio Maffei, text by M.E. Giacomelli and L. Lumer, Milan, Italy
Introspection. (Curated by A. Vyazemtseva). Ruarts Gallery, Moscow, Russia
Martedi Critici. (Curated by Alberto Dambruoso). Rome, Italy
Il nostro mondo e adesso. (Curated by M. Coccia, M. Martinetti, M. Predicatori). Museo Comunale di Santa Croce, Umbertide, Italy
Tensioni. (Curated by F. Pezzini and C. Sarzini). Tralevolte, Rome, Italy
Architetture of desire. Cantieri d’Arte 2007. (Curated by Michele Benucci and Marco Enrico Giacomelli). Museo dell’Opera di Guido Calori, San Gemini, Italy
Unlimited. (Curated by Massimo Mattioli). Galleria Room, Milan, Italy
Soft Shapes In Venice. (Curated by Massimo Mattioli). Galleria Art Life, Venice, Italy
Luogo, IL Segno. Texts by Mauro Salvi, Convento San Francesco, Arrone, Italy
Puntasecca su Piombo. Spazio Contemporaneo, Deruta, Italy

Selected group exhibitions

Omaggio a Wagner. Spazio Silos, Venice, Italy
Nessuno Esluso. Monaco Boat Service Riva, Monaco, France
Artsiders. (Curated by Fabio de Chirico). Museo Nazionale dell’Umbria, Perugia, Italy
Opere su carta dal 900 Italiano. (Curated by Matteo Boetti). Galleria Bibo’s Place, Todi, Italy
Riflessi della Materia. Incisione Contemporanea, Philobiblon Gallery, Roma
Concrete Unit 2013. Sumahan Art Space, Istanbul, Turkey
Detto per IncisoItalian, Institute of Culture, Kiev, Ukraine
Art Ovrag. (Curated by Kostantin Gross). Vyksa, Russia
Kod Ephoi. (Curated by Kostantin Gross and Dmitry Alexeev). All-Russian Decorative Art Museum, Moscow, Russia
Andata e Ritorno. Galéria Nador, Pécs, Hungary
Explorer. (Curated by Flaminia Scauso). Yverdon les Bains, Switzerland
ART POGOST. (Curated by Timofey,Caraffa-Corbut). Guslitz Creative Hub
Art Moscow. Ruarts Gallery, Moscow, Russia
Ricomporre l’infranto. (Curated by Ludovica Lumer). Biennale di Oggiogno, Maggiore Lake, Italy
News! Galleria Valeria Bella Stampe, Milan, Italy
Italian Luxury Interiors Design. St. Regis Al Gassar Resort. (Curated by Molteni&C). Doha, Qatar
Interstizi Collection. (Curated by L. Castellini and Ronald Facchinetti). Kunstart, Bolzano, Italy
Magna Opuscola. Stamperia del Tevere, Roma, Italy
54° Biennale di Venezia. (Curated by Vittorio Sgarbi)
Arte grafica dalla tradizione all’innovazione. (Curated by Alberto Dambruoso). Castel dell’Ovo, Naples, Italy
Mami Wata: a muse for contemporary artists. Fondation Charles Donwahi, Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire
Atelier Aperti. (Curated by Peter Nottebaum). Orvieto, Italy
Arte Fiera Bologna. Fu Xin Gallery Shanghai, Bologna , Italy
Salone del Mobile. Molteni&C, Milan, Italy
Titled/Untitled. (Curated by Alberto Dambruoso). Galleria Wunderkammern, Rome, Italy
International Container Art Festival. Ideas for an Ideal City. (Curated by Beatrice Hsieh and Tseng Fangling). Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Art Limited Multiple. Art Grenchen Triennial, Vesuvio Edizioni, Grenchen, Switzerland
Artist For Africa. (Curated by Carandente and Bonito Oliva). Palazzo Firenze, Rome, Italy
In Chartis Mevaniae. Mimetismo della Percezione, Palazzo Lepri, Bevagna, Italy
Magia di un’ Arte. (Curated by Pino Bonanno). Deruta, Italy
Convivio ’08, Milan, Italy
Terra di Maestri. (Curated by Antonio Carlo Ponti). Villa Fidelia, Spello, Italy
Other Visions: Freedom, Politics, Territory. The 10-th International Architecture Exihibition, Biennale di Venezia, Italy
Liberolibrodartistalibero. Studio ’87, Spoleto, Italy
Stoppani 15 hip. Open House, Milan, Italy
Incisione Autentica: artista e calcografia. Romitelli Artestudio, Spoleto, Italy
Arte/ Scienza di Pac, Muditac Majorana Arte Contemporanea, Rome, Italy

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