Laurent Villeret
Laurent Villeret was born in 1973. In the year 1993 he finished Louis Lumière College and moved to the United Arab Emirates, where later became an aerial photographer.
In the year 1999 he returned to France and started working in Paris as an independent photographer, shooting for media, advertisement, corporate and private clients.
Besides, he lectures the art of photography at several Parisian educational institutions (Visuel, centre Iris, LEP Quinault).
2002 Laurent became one of the founders of the international independent photographers association Dolce Vita (
Since 2007 Laurent Villeret is a member of Picturetank agency.

Selected exhibitions

2019 The 15th Photographic Festival of Vendôme. Vendôme, France
2013 Festival itinéraire des photographes voyageurs, Gallery Le 69. Bordeaux, France
2012 Les Héliotropes. Mois de la photo off Paris. Paris, France
Festival polaroid Paris. Paris, France
Les Héliotropes. Festival des promenades photographiques. Vendôme, France
2011 Les Héliotropes. Item Atelier. Lyon, France
Itinéraire photographique. Limousin Festival, Limoges, France
2008 Les Héliotropes. Paris Photo Festival, L'oeil Ouvert Gallery, Paris, France
2006 NOX. L'oeil Ouvert Gallery, Paris , France
2005 Les canapés d’Europe. Paris Photo Festival, Paris, France
2004 Keep the distance. Collective exhibition, Lhomond Gallery, Paris, France
IN / EX. French Cultural Center, Damascus, Siria
2003 Festival Image En Scène. Saint-Junien, France
2002 Polaroid. Chronique Nomade Festival, Honfleur, France
Persistance. Artatum Gallery, Paris , France
1997 Zanzibar. Itinéraires Gallery, Paris, France
Empreintes. D. Amourette Art Gallery, Rouen, France
1996 Carnet tanzanien. Creil, France
Primavera festival. Barcelona, Spain
1995 La France agricole. Collective exhibition, Paris, France

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