Ivan Ninety. Death of Flowers
30.10.2018 - 2.12.2018
The death of flowers is not something to grieve on, but the way of things. Asakura Soteki

The solo exhibition of Ivan Ninety 'Death of Flowers' is a revelation of a young artist, built on his attitude to life and death, his romantic search for the meaning of life. Works from the series 'Death of Flowers', presented for the first time, are filled with inner emotional experience and personal stories of the artist: “I tell the viewer about my own experience, about the absence of one’s own place and the eternal search for themes, techniques, and untold words and stories”.

In the series 'Death of Flowers', the artist allows himself to compare the life of flowers with human feelings, or rather with romantic love, in his works Ninety conveys all stages of love, from dizziness to cold farewell. All the works from the series are forming a complete cycle: from conditional birth of blossom / feeling / person, with timid, gentle monochrome abstractions, through flowering and fragrance, where he gives free rein to colors and forms, to fading and death, where black color prevails. Trying to comprehend Zen, Ivan Ninety quite emotionally conducts the viewer through the Wheel of Samsara or the Path, which makes his work even more sensual, lyrical and attractive. The frankness of the artist and the intimacy of works form a complicated, but at the same time an actual self-portrait of the contemporary artist Ivan Ninety.

Ivan Ninety got fame as an abstract artist, but he continues to experiment and work in a variety of techniques: he illustrates, creates collages and assemblages, combining them with graphics and painting, formes his own unique style. Ivan uses materials of a different texture in his works - wood, his own printed photographs, photo illustrations from old magazines, old paper and vintage wallpapers, achieving the necessary composition and complementing them with acrylic paints, aerosol, ink and pencil. Ninety also works with the found objects, which in this series of works serve as frames for his still-lifes and portraits.

Ivan Ninety is an artist from Moscow region Protvino, a participant of Russian and foreign festivals dedicated to street art (30 Sides of movements, Moscow; Arte Core, Brazil; Urban Forms, Poland), Street Wave Art Biennale Artmossphere, group and solo exhibitions. He began his career in 2007 with graffiti and parallel passion for film photography, and also was publishing his own magazines (zines). Works of Ivan Ninety are held in private collections in Russia, Poland, the Czech Republic, Germany, Israel, Brazil, Puerto Rico and Australia.
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