Marat Morik. Weak Points
17.04.2019 - 26.05.2019
Ruarts Gallery presents Marat Morik's exhibition Weak Points, which includes 20 works created in the last two years.

Marat Morik is one of the most famous Russian artists of the "street wave" in the world, a regular participant in major international street-art festivals in Spain, France, Italy, Denmark, Czech Republic, Poland, Ukraine, Canada, the USA, China.

Marat was born in 1982 in Novosibirsk, Academgorodok. From early childhood he was interested in drawing and learned the basics of painting in art school. Later on he got two higher educations: philology and economics at the Novosibirsk State University, but he completely connected his life with visual arts.

Now Marat is actively cooperating with street art galleries around the world, and also creates large-scale works on the walls. Experience in creating murals has enriched his artistic method: there is a strong influence of the school of monumental art in his works.

Marat Morik pays a lot of attention to details and textures, mixes techniques and materials. Earlier he worked mainly with acrylics and spray cans, which allowed him to create a gradient and the necessary texture. Now the author prefers oil.

“Oil can replace everything, it gives both texture and the possibility of different effects.
I'm learning and experimenting all the time. Oil painting is now in priority. The combination is the most effective - acrylic-based underpainting, then working with oil.”

There are both figurative and abstract compositions in the multi-layered Morik’s works, his collage method allows him to boldly combine different methods and techniques. Marat rarely creates series of works, related to each other by one theme, generally it is the impression of his experience. He works a lot with archives, composing photographs from American crime reports from the 50s and 60s in his works, interesting stories and situations that he saw in ordinary life. From these pieces Marat creates works as a constructor.

“I like to collect fictions from accidents that I get from the real life.”

At the exhibition Weak Points the artist works with topics such as human vulnerability and weakness. He examines these concepts from different angles, looks for beauty in them, but bumping into their “graceless”, “ugliness”, feel a special thrill and interest.

“Aging, envy, aggression, loneliness, inconsistency, madness – it is all soundtrack to my pictures. I do not want to cause definite emotion, I just want to intrigue. My goal is to immerse the viewer in to an atmosphere of anxiety and make him a witness. ”

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