4.02.2022 - 11.05.2022
Ruarts Gallery will host a solo exhibition by Vitaly Chistyakov, an artist from St. Petersburg.

On Chistyakov’s canvases forms are depicted using simple planes of colour, but pseudo-abstract images are easy to read: the artist paints specific objects from his environment – chairs, cans, spoons, matches and so on, and he himself calls his art ‘objective’. Vitaly creates without limitations, following his instinct, completely immersing himself in the process. His calm and introverted style is mesmerising. The artist paints with lines that are grouped into coloured areas and his brush movement is particularly evident in pastels. Gradually the colours acquire autonomy, and this ‘limitless’ red, yellow, purple or blue appears. The final image is obtained due to the multi-layered build-up of coloured masses. Like large stained-glass windows, Chistyakov’s canvases may be filled with pulsating warmth or then gradually grow cooler and, depending on the intensity of light, new and ever-increasing colour resonances are revealed.

Vitaly calls the created images ‘pure’ (‘chistiye’ in Russian), shifting the focus from the external form to the nature of things, their true, ideal state. Another parallel arises, perhaps unconsciously, because of the similarity with his surname: he paints ‘pure’ and deeply personal, ‘Chistyakov’ objects.

The art critic Gleb Ershov wrote of Chistyakov’s paintings: “The artists of the Russian avant-garde aspired to such purity and the power of generalisation, drawing inspiration from the icon, from Lubok prints, primitive and naïve art. Here the art itself is loud, reverberating in the language of forms easily and freely generated.”

The exhibition at the Ruarts Gallery will feature the artist’s early graphic series and several large paintings on canvas, as well as brand new works painted.

Since 2018 Vitaly Chistyakov has been a resident of the New Urban Artists association. This project finds original authors isolated from the world and gives an opportunity to view the work of artists with special social experience in the context of contemporary art. Thanks to the support of the association Chistyakov has become a fully-fledged member of the contemporary art scene. In 2019 works by Vitaly Chistyakov were exhibited at the New Urban artists group exhibition ‘Orgalites’ at the Sergey Kuryokhin Contemporary Art Centre; in 2020 at the ROSIZO State Museum and Exhibition Centre in Moscow; and in 2021 the solo exhibition ‘Pure Objects’ was held simultaneously at two venues in St. Petersburg, the Navicula Artis Gallery and the New Academy of Fine Arts. Chistyakov’s works were also shown in 2021 at an exhibition dedicated to the release of the AMINAZINE studio’s annual almanac, at the 3120 Gallery in St. Petersburg.

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