Balancing Between
6.10.2016 - 5.11.2016
Ruarts Gallery presents the first solo show by Marat Danilyan, also known as Morik, within the framework of II Biennale of street art ARTMOSSPHERE

Morik is artist from Novosibirsk, one of the most famous and impressive figures in the contemporary Russian graffiti and street art world in the recent years, organizer of Paint Methodsgraffiti festival and his own graffiti agency.

Morik created about 20 new works made in different techniques including both figurative and abstract compositions for the show Balancing Between. Not aiming be confined to specific themes and concepts, Morik focused on the process of creation.

The artist picks random strangers from the streets as heroes of his paintings and endows them with the characters he needs, abstracting from a particular individual.

The artist considers collage as more favorable media that allows him to combine different techniques and materials easily: spray paint, acrylic, pastel, cardboard, paper. Morik's multilayer compositions influenced articulation of a unique and distinctive style of the artist. His detailed collage works resemble colorful digital reality, which tightly surrounded us all around.
Sometimes realistic details come to the forefront, and sometimes we see only non-figurative painting or digital glitch - a failure in the usual order of things.

As Morik notices, layers of paintings sometimes are much more important than the final result. So if earlier the artist was interested in abstraction as in a sort of background for a future story or portrait, today he discovered it anew – as something whole, which has its own value, completeness and such a desired room for experiment. The whole series of abstract works will be presented at the Balancing Between show.

"I'm always balancing between monochrome and color, figurative and abstraction, violent themes and naive romanticism. I like the contrasts in general: in music, art, life", Marat Danilyan.

“Metamorphosis that is taking place today with the street artists can be observed by the example of Marat’s works. Artists who are ready to go beyond graffiti subculture as teen-age hobby and to work - sometimes they turn into sophisticated artists. Morik always finds form and color through a vivid quest, experiment, therewith it is clearly visible a strong school of monumental art in his works, as well as experience in building large-scale street murals that enriched his artistic world and the method”, Sabina Chagina, ARTMOSSPHERE curator.

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