Lost Signal Tracking
13.07.2023 - 27.08.2023
Solo exhibition by Zurab Arabidze

‘Lost Signal Tracking’ is Georgian architect and contemporary artist Zurab Arabidze’s second solo exhibition in the Ruarts Gallery space. The multimedia project becomes a conceptual abstraction. This large-scale installation is assembled from the expansion of subject-spatial relations and acts as an existential metaphor. The dramaturgy of the exposition is arranged in such a way that at first the viewer finds himself in a stressful space without any point of support: following from object to object, he tries to catch the lost connection and attune to the psycho-emotional state of the artist.

Anxious, annoying and fraught with uncertainty, this expectation of a signal is like being switched off from the general flow of life. Metal structures, a video sequence with digital noise, carpets, landscapes with text signs and objects harmoniously inscribed in the gallery space create a sense of disorientation for the spectator. The artist builds a kind of symbolic house containing recognizable objects that have lost their primary meanings. Memory tries to put the fragments back together, but there is still a ‘lost connection’.

Zurab Arabidze’s work clearly shows the interactions between materials, geometry, natural energies, and video or photo images. His art is laconic and sometimes characterized by deliberate rigour, with importance given to symbols and signs. Arabidze’s artistic experience is based on a theme of the relationship of minimalist form with space, and its connection with different states and primary meanings. The new exhibition summarizes the author’s previous artistic exploration.

‘Lost Signal Tracking’ is an interactive project that involves the participation of the viewer. Perhaps we just need to reset the value system and finally catch the signal.

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