8.09.2023 - 8.10.2023
The company re:Store presents ‘Life Form’, an exhibition by winners and nominees of the re:Store digital art project, in the space of the contemporary art gallery Ruarts. For the sixth year in a row, re:Store is holding a competition among creative people working with digital art. This time the curator of the exhibition is multidisciplinary artist Andrey Bartenev.

In 2023 the theme ‘From Carbon to Silicon’ was proposed as a research topic - from simple organic life to a world full of innovations, from living organisms to philosophical and ethical questions related to artificial intelligence and robotics. Today, digital technologies significantly change our life and determine our relationship with the surrounding world. Participants in the competition searched for an answer to the question ‘what place does a person occupy in a complex digital space’ in their works.

The winners were chosen in two categories – Pro and Mobile. The gallery will present 15 works by the competition laureates in the nominations Moment, Movement, WEB 3.0, Sound Design, Neural Network and Body Shape, as well as more than 30 works included in the shortlist.
The jury includes digital artists Daniil Zuev, Max Neondazer (Max Arnautov), Ilikadelian, the creative director of World Class Alexander Prokofiev, the artist and designer Misha Libertee, and the programme director of Plus Dachi, Vlad Mikeev.

Members of the jury not only evaluated the works, but also acted as protagonists of the theme and prepared the visual concept of the competition. As part of the project, a special season of Academy re:Store was filmed, in which they talked about their creative path, sources of inspiration, and what, in their opinion, is important for newly-fledged authors.

As a special collaboration for the exhibition: during the autumn you can sample a drink created by technologists, as their own expression on the theme of the re:Store digital art project ‘Life Form’ in the Dablbi coffee chain.

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