Safety in Numbers
9.12.2014 - 31.01.2015
Spencer Tunick
December 9, on the occasion of the Ruarts 10th anniversary, with the support of Interview Russia and Ruinart, the gallery will present new exhibition by famous American photographer Spencer Tunick, whose works include hundreds and thousands of people posing naked outdoors against urban landscapes.

His installations are purifying art statement, which combine performance, sculpture and photography, an artwork that could be considered as a symbol of artistic freedom. Human body is not a sex object, but an art object, it becomes part of mass culture in Tunick's works.
The idea is to "de-demonize" the human body in public space and to capture its beauty and fragility against the backdrop of city streets and the brutal world of advertising, machinery and concrete architecture.
The first Spencer Tunick's personal exhibition took place at Ruarts Gallery in 2005. "Safety in numbers" contains works from different periods, including projects made in recent years. Besides photographs that are subsequent upon performances, the videos of these performances will be also presented at the exhibition.
Spencer Tunick
Born in Middletown, New York, 1967
BA from Emerson College, Boston, MA
One-year intensive program at the International Center of Photography (ICP), New York
Lives and works in New York
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