16.09.2014 - 4.10.2014
On September 15, Ruarts Gallery will open a new exhibition season with a group project Mushrooms.

Mushrooms have been for a long time a popular subject for artists and designers who have involved them in various aspects of contemporary culture. Since ancient times, mushrooms were surrounded by an aura of mystery because of their sudden appearance in the dark and wet places, their ephemeral nature and toxicity or hallucinogenic properties of some sorts.
The exhibition Mushrooms is not an attempt to study the Fungi kingdom, but a wonderful journey into the world of the unknown, special form of life that combines features of both animals and plants.
The exhibition presents works by contemporary artists produced in various media: from graphics to lenticular printing and objects.
Artworks by the following artists will be represented: Timur Novikov, Alexander Zakharov, Vita Buivid, Alexander Savko, Sergey Katran, Anna Russova, Mikhail Molochnikov, Herve Ic, Igor Makarevich, Konstantin Chmutin, Charlie Sutcliffe, Misak Samokatyan, Grisha Chto.
Curator: Catherine Borissoff
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