12.02.2014 - 8.03.2014
Evfrosina Lavrukhina
On the 12th of February Ruarts Gallery presents a new solo exhibition "UPWARD" by Evfrosina Lavrukhina. Evfrosina Lavrukhina refers to different techniques, using them in her new project "UPWARD" to express ideas more powerfully. Evfrosina's typical images were implemented in drawings on paper and wood, as well as in new forms - spinning circle-handwheels and kinetic sculptures.

Metal sculptures named "Ifallils" were presented at the international contemporary art fair ART MOSCOW 2012 for the first time and became an absolute bestseller.
The main theme of the "UPWARD" project is spinning, whirl, cyclone-dance, where the strong and tough body is giving itself to the flow, while consciousness is staying in peace and silence. "I would like," Evfrosina says, "the audience to walk through the exhibition like through a riverbed - feeling relaxed and taking pleasure, getting a burst of energy".
By means of these works Evfrosina talks about the way to the inner space of her infinite mind, through purification ("Wind" series), then rotation that serves as ritual dances basis of many nations, symbolizing the whirlwind of life that exists inside us ("Ifallil" series) and a return to origins ("Grounding" series).
"Art is the link between heaven and earth for me, my way of understanding the world and myself," Evfrosina Lavrukhina says.
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