17.07.2013 - 31.07.2013
July 16 Ruarts Gallery presents a photo exhibition by Alexander Egorov. Alexander Egorov managed to combine seemingly contradictory images and feelings and visually analyze colour, light and form in his first personal project.

The project consists of five independent parts: "Sandman", "Mermaid", "Green" и "Blue", each of parts is directly or indirectly related to fire, water, air and earth, and one of the first Egorov's projects "From Chaos to Order". Colour and light, sense of form touch play a key role in his works and compose a desirable image.
In the year 2012 Alexander Egorov won "The Best of Russia" prize (Centre of Contemporary Art Winzavod, Moscow. "Sandman" project).
The exhibition will continue till July, 31 at Ruarts Gallery.

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