27.06.2013 - 13.07.2013
June 26 Ruarts Gallery presents a new group exhibition "PRONEZHNOST". Participants: Antoshina Tatiana, Arendt Maria, Buivid Vita, Zakharov Alexander, Kozin Vladimir, Kuznetsov Gerasim, Medvedev-Ma Eugeniy, Pahkom (Sergei Pakhomov), Potapenkova Maria, Russova Anna, Feneva Aglaya, Larry Caveney.

"PRONEZHNOST" is not just a return to a trivial subject, the participants are aspiring to find distinctly modern definitions of such concepts as "tenderness", "beauty", "erotic". The exhibition is constructed as a series of independent and unrelated statements on a specific topic, which gives freedom for an immensely wide interpretation of the main title. Each author's statement, in view of his personal character, adds a new dimension to the perception of the problem. The proximity of lightsome sketches and semantically deep works, participation of the artists belonging to different generations, a variety of techniques make this project a remarkably versatile and multi-conceptual. Interpreting the concept of "tenderness" freely, the artists are finding that the perception of "human values" is the kingdom of absolutely subjective preferences.
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