Bare bohemia
27.01.2012 - 25.02.2012
Sergei Borisov
January 27 – February 25, 2012 Ruarts gallery presents personal exhibition by Sergei Borisov – indisputable master of Soviet photography, inventor of the genre "ideological nude".

Sergei Borisov is one of the most famous Russian photographers of the late XX – early XXI centuries. The project «Bare Bohemia» gathers all the artworks, which clearly demonstrate Sergei Borisov’s unique position on the Russian art scene. The author’s classic photographs as well as absolutely new ones will be presented during the exhibition.
In the so-called new Russia Sergei Borisov became one of the most well-known photographers. He took part in dozens of exhibitions: from Manege to Garage, from Parisian Palais de Tokio to Perm Museum of Contemporary Art. His artworks are regularly sold at the world’s leading auctions. In the year 2007 during the solo exhibition at the Manege Borisov was represented as a classic of Russian photography. At the same time a lot of his works have been remained «behind the scenes» of this great official presentation.
A quarter of a century ago Sergei Borisov became eminent for the creation of a new genre – ideological nude. He has invented his own, original version of the social art in photography. His portfolio publication in the French magazine called Photo (1989) revealed to the world the existence of uncensored photos in the USSR. Borisov has found the way to combine nudity, everyday life views, portraits of celebrities and photographs of the masterpieces. He has found a unique character – bohemia.
Bohemia consists of the artistic people, who live a Gipsy lifestyle. Every moment of life is a celebration. Sergei Borisov has unveiled a new Bohemia, perestroika personages – people, whose behavior put the rotten society in a state of shock. Afrika, Iosif Backstein, Vladik Monroe and Fyodor Pavlov-Andreevich, Liza Berezovskaya and Jahnna Aguzarova took place among Borisov’s characters. Many of them had changed their status long ago and became the creators of a new cultural establishment. Nowadays, Sergei Borisov continues to photograph the same way he did a quarter of a century ago. With the lightness and glitter.
Mikhail Sidlin
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