15.09.2011 - 8.10.2011
The exhibition within a parallel program of the IV Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art. Sergey Anufriev, Vita Buivid, Irina Drozd, Alexander Efremov, Oleg Makarov, Nikola Ovchinnikov, Ivan Plyusch, Vitaly Pushnitsky, Alexander Sokolov, Olga Treiwas, Aglaya Feneva
According to Buddhist philosophy – the absolute truth is absolute absence, nothingness. An attempt to comprehend «void», when the observer realizes that the obvious form of reality and emptiness are inseparable – is one of the most important goals of Buddhist meditation.

Eleven modern artists present their vision of limitless, unidentified, cosmic and fascinating concept of «nothingness». One follows the path of materialization, creating objects and installations which do not have a definite form and the others try to present nothingness in a form of motion or sound. Either way, the whole exposition represents the fullness and harmony of the «nothingness» – the exact thing that western people do not fully recognize so far. The «Nothingness» exposition resembles a group meditation where everyone, letting oneself through artworks, can find one’s own perception of «nothingness».
The project creates a space for contemplation of «nothingness» in its modified form and allows us to perceive visualized reasoning of nothing and everything at the same time. Modern metropolis life with its infinitely rich information realm is forcing us to turn to the quest of «nothingness» ever more, but few managed to find it.
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