25.11.2010 - 11.12.2010
Exhibition in the framework of the “Year of Russia and France, 2010” With the support of French сultural сenter in Moscow Under the patronage of the Ministry of Culture of Russian Federation Michel Castaignet, Joseph Choi, Herve Ic,Nataliya Lyach, Cyril Hatt
"The painting is becoming closer to poetry, now that photography has freed her of the need of storytelling"
Georges Braque

According to the myth of the daughter of Butades the Potter from Sycione, painting was invented by outlining a shadow. Photography didn’t exist then but already gave birth to art of painting. Today, this particular way of fixing space through a light cast onto a plan has remained an essential part of many young French painters work. For the Year of Russia and France 2010 RuArts Gallery and Gallery Nivet-Carzon present five artists who share the use of photography at the core of their practice.
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