Vivid Iron
2.06.2010 - 3.07.2010
Semeon Agroskin, Ekaterina Sysoeva
Nowadays, few of “modern art” artists turn to the genre of scenes of everyday life or travel notes. In general, few people do care about a routine stratum, not to mention the fact, that the research material is hardly even seen in it, as well as the subject of an artistic expression. The exhibition “Vivid Iron”, - is exactly such a happy and rare case.

In fact, the whole set of memories and associations connected with the railroad, is filled with unpleasant feelings of bustle, endless waiting, insecurity, downtime, boredom and kind of a huge migrating communal flat. But this entire seemingly bleak passenger being is the subject of art optics and plastic exploration.
The project includes the installations, objects, paintings, video and photography. And such a set is not accidental, because every living space comprises many layers, facets and features, through the exploration of which the artist helps the viewer to understand this very space and, what is more important, him- or herself.
And if Semeon Agroskin’s paintings focus attention of the viewers to the contemplation of the railway landscape and scenes from the life of a passenger, then Ekaterina Sysoeva makes photos of coach, train mechanisms, wheels, engines and machinery of all this, playing and partly making fun of this whole monstrous rail anatomy and turning it into a strange baroque and ornamental designs.
Thus, hopefully, that impression of a “Vivid Iron” audience will actually be lively and diverse, in contrast to the real “unbearable lightness” of the Russian iron being... <P class="basic_text" ALIGN=RIGHT> Jurij Shabelnikov
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