Vita Aperte
23.10.2009 - 27.11.2009
Vita Buivid
Vita Buivid's latest project, ‘Vita Aperte’, includes works from several different periods – ‘Familia’ (2006), ‘Piccolo Amore’ (2007), ‘Secret desires’ (1996) and ‘Erotic dreams’ (1995).

In addition, her latest project Her lastest project, ‘Inquisition’, also makes it debut in this exhibition, telling the story of how emotions and life experience are transformed into a work of art.The concept of the project is built upon an analysis of the allocation of roles within the family unit. Upon investigating her family history, Vita came to the conclusion that preparing meals was a torturous process, as she suffered an array of physical injuries – cuts and burns, and so forth. But far worse was the emotional pressure of being a ‘slave to the kitchen’. Thus appeared the idea of presenting kitchen utensils in a unique deocorative setting reminiscent of the Middle Ages, accented by a gloomy lighting scheme.)
The project ‘Familia’ is dedicated to the father, with more than a little Freudian subtext. Through the veil of ceremonial family portraiture, the viewer can discern psychological traumas – as is well known, we always hurt the ones we love most of all. Preserving traditional attributes such as classical composition and formally clothed models with smiling faces, these group portraits remind us of studio photos. However, all of their emotional issues are revealed through the use of intentionally theatrical makeup. An offensive word leaves a scratch, while a serious insult leaves behind a scar or horrible bruise. Considering the context of this work, it is no surprise that it has been exhibited previously at the Museum of Sigmund Freud's Dreams in St. Petersburg.
In ‘Piccolo Amore’, the artist addresses a problem that is especially urgent for inhabitants of the modern metropolis – loneliness. Furthermore, Buivid here touches on another eternal theme of art – love, though in her approach to this theme the artist makes use of distinctive social shades and unique features of our time. The style of the project emulates fashion photography, with all the characteristics of a mass-produced magazine style publication.
‘Vita Aperte’ is more than a simple multiexposition: the projects brought together here are unified by the author's singular goal – the investigation of both personal and universal psychological nuances through the prism of the creative process.
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