Kimiko Yoshida
Kimiko Yoshida is a Japanese photo artist living and working in France, Venice and Tokyo. The main body of her work comprises series of self-portraits-reincarnations, in which Kimiko Yoshida tries on different female characters of all eras and nations. Convinced of the absence of personal identity as such, the artist is repeatedly getting rid of the “endless layers” of cultural and gender prejudice, leaving them behind in her works.
Kimiko Yoshida was born in Tokyo (Japan) in 1963. However, feeling the pressure from the patriarchal and conservative Japanese society and not seeing any possibility of creative self-realization due to gender stereotypes, she leaves her country and moves to France in 1995. According to Yoshid: “Since I left my homeland to avoid the slavish and humiliated lot of Japanese women, I have consistently developed a feminist protest against contemporary clichés regarding the seduction and voluntary service of women, as well as against gender stereotypes in general.”
After Kimiko graduated from the Faculty of Literature at Chuo University in Tokyo in 1986, and then from Tokyo College of Photography in 1995, she moved to France and continued to study photography at the Higher National School of Photography in Arles (1996) as well as contemporary art at the National Studio of Modern Art at Le Fresnoy in Tourcouine.
After graduation, Kimiko Yoshida begins to work a lot and fruitfully, concentrating on the phenomenon of female identity and the transforming power of art. For her self-portraits, the artist creates complex structures comprising jewelry, outfits, hats, makeup and body art, referring to certain cultural traditions and female figures of different countries and eras.
The most recent projects of Kimiko Yoshida include a personal exhibition in the Ruarts Gallery within the parallel program of Photobiennale 2018 (Moscow, Russia, 2018), a joint exhibition with Karen Kroll «The Boundaries Between» in the Holden Luntz Gallery (Palm Beach, Florida, USA, 2019) and a personal exhibition «Baroques» in the Fondation Salomon pour l’art contemporain (Annecy-le-Vieux, France, 2019).
Kimiko Yoshida's works belongs to the collections of The Museum of Fine Arts in Houston (USA), The Israel Museum in Jerusalem (Israel), Tel Aviv Museum of Art (Israel), The Soumaya Museum in Mexico City (Mexico), The European House of Photography in Paris (France), Fondation Guerlain in Paris (France), Ruarts Foundation in Moscow (Russia) and other museums and galleries around the world.


The Boundaries Between. Holden Luntz Gallery. Palm Beach, Fl, USA
Baroques. Fondation Salomon pour l’art contemporain. L’Abbaye, Annecy-le-Vieux, France

Personal exhibition. Photobiennale 2018. Ruarts Gallery. Moscow, Russia

Muga. Selflessness. The Wilfrid Israel Museum. Hazorea, Israel
My Glass Self. The Venice Glass Week. Venice, Italy
Painting. Self-portrait. Schouwburg. Amstelveen, Netherlands
Peinture & Photographie. Galerie Dukan. Paris, France

Grimasques. Musée du Masque, Binche, Belgium
Masques de soi. Japan Cultural Center - Embassy of Japan. Brussels, Belgique
True Lights. Rosas & Xocolate, Merida, Mexico

Paris Photo Los Angeles (Mariane Ibrahim Gallery), Paramount Pictures Studios, Los Angeles, USA
Kyotographie. Noguchi-Ke. Kyoto, Japan
Who Am I? Venice in a Bottle, Venice, Italie
Luces Íntimas. Centro Cultural la Cúpula, Merida, Mexico

Something Blue. Mariane Ibrahim Gallery, Seattle, WA, USA
Qui est KY? Pierre-Alain Challier Gallery, Paris, France

Pourquoi Venise ? Pierre-Alain Challier Gallery, Paris, France
Paintings & Mirrors. Tanit Gallery, Beirut, Lebanon
Kimiko Yoshida. ALM, Ramatuelle, France

I Love My Job. My Paintings, The Solo Project, Basel, Switzerland
L’Élision de l’image (Miroirs, Peintures). Musée du Pavillon de Vendôme-Dobler, Aix-en-Provence, France

Paintings. Self-portraits. Ruarts Gallery, Moscow, Russia
Art Paris. Albert Benamou Gallery, Grand-Palais, Paris, France

La ou je ne suis pas. Maison Europeene De La Photographie, Paris, France
Paintings. Self-portraits, Ralph Pucci International, New York, USA
Writings at Anne Fontaine. Parcours Saint-Germain-Des-Pres, Paris, France

Smile. Municipal Fashion Museum, Hasselt, Belgium
Femmes du monde. Compagnies Du Monde, Paris, France
Sacred Mirror. Guy Pieters Gallery, Knokke, Belgium
The Brides of the World. Xin Dong Cheng Space For Contemporary Art, Beijing, China

Espego Consagrado. Museo Molinos Del Rio Segura, Murcia, Spain

Tudo o que nao seja eu. Centro Das Artes, Casa Das Mundas, Madeira, Portugal
Todo lo que no soy me interesa. Imaginart Gallery, Madrid, Spain
Ma morte n’en saura rien. D’Arte Venezia Gallery, Venice, Italy

Sakura at Arthus-Bertrand, Parcours Saint-Germain-Des-Pres, Paris, France
Art Paris, Grand Palais, Paris, France
Self-portraits with a Comma. The Heder Contemporary Art, Tel-Aviv, Israel
Marry Me! Ruarts Gallery, Moscow, Russia
Raison de mort. Septembre De La Photographie, Lyon, France

Birth of a Geisha. Transphotographiques, Broel Museum, Kortrijk, Belgium
Incarnations. Tribeca Issey Miyake, New York, USA

Who Is Afraid of Kimiko? Antwerpen, Belgium
Monochrome Self-portraits. Rocket Gallery, London, Britain

Marry Me! La Maison des Arts, Malakoff, France

Being in the Light. Maison Delvaux, Brussels, Belgium
Princess Bamboo. Light Works Gallery, Yokohama, Japan

Tokyo, vite! Centre National de la Photography (CNP), Paris, France

Jérusalem, Tokyo, Venise, vite! Museum of Art. Herzylia, Israël


Japonisme(s). Galerie PAC. Paris, France
Last Supper. Fondazione Stelline. Milan, Italy
Last Supper. St. Moritz, Switzerland

On a Pedestal. Dublin Castle. Dublin, Ireland
Narrated. Galerie Tanit. Munich, Germany
The Face: Portrait Evolution in Photography. The Bid Art Space. Pesaro, Marche, Italy

Collectionner, le Désir inachevé. Musée des Beaux-Arts. Angers, France
D’un monde à l’autre. Fondation Salomon pour l’art contemporain. Annecy, France
20 ans pour Aubagnac. Galerie Pact. Paris, France
Où poser la tête ? Galerie Dukan. Leipzig, Germany
Japonismes. Galerie Pact. Paris, France

Murano Oggi. Museo del Vetro. Venice, Italy
1936. Assemblee Nationale-Palais Bourbon. Paris, France
Où poser la tête? Institute of Contemporary Art Indian Ocean, Port Louis, Mauritius
Green Celadon. The Tel Aviv Artist House. Tel-Aviv, Israel
Miradas de Mujer. Imaginart Gallery. Barcelona, Spain
Make-up Time. Maison des Arts. Rouen, France
Stories Untold. Holden Luntz Gallery. Palm Beach, Fl, USA
Contemporary Voices in Color. Holden Luntz Gallery. Palm Beach, Fl, USA
L’Instance de la lettre. Galerie Marguerite Milin. Paris, France
La Mode au temps de l’impressionnisme. Musée de l'Horlogerie. Saint-Nicolas d’Aliermont, France

Sweet 18. Kastel d’Ursel. Belgium
Où poser la tête? FRAC Réunion, Saint-Denis, La Réunion
Precious de Picasso a Jeff Koons. Vitratia Museum-Palazzo Nani Mocenigo. Venice, Italy

The Wall. Antoine de Galbert’s Collection. La Maison Rouge. Paris, France
Glass + A. Opening Show. Vitratia Museum-Palazzo Nani Mocenigo. Venice, Italy
The Face of Beauty: The Inspired Portrait. Holden Luntz Gallery. Palm Beach, Florida, USA
Japon. Abbaye Saint André-Centre d’art contemporain. Meymac, France
All That Glitters. Holden Luntz Gallery. Palm Beach, Florida, USA
Summer Show. Galerie Patrice Trigano. Paris, France
White/Robe & Hide. Galerie 6 Mandel. Paris, France
Full Color Spectrum. Holden Luntz Gallery. Palm Beach, Florida, USA

Self, Model and Self as Other. Museum of Fine Arts. Houston, Texas, USA
Re-Imagine, Re-Invent. Holden Luntz Gallery. Palm Beach, Florida, USA
Hikari. Contemporary Photography from Japan. National Institute of Design. Ahmedabad, India
Hikari. Contemporary Photography from Japan. Tasveer Arts. Bangalore, India

Blanche est la couleur. Musée de la Tapisserie, Angers, France
Grafik Apparel. Interweaving Art & Fashion, London Print Studio, London, Britain
Performing for the Camera. Asu Art Museum, Tempe, USA
Blanche est la couleur. Passage de Retz, Paris, France

There Where I Am Not. Ruarts Gallery, Moscow, Russia
I Promise I Love You - Caldic Collection. Kunsthal, Rotterdam, Netherlands
The Face: Evolution of Portrait in Photography. State Historical Museum, Novosibirsk, Russia

C’est la vie. Musee Maillol, Paris, France
Itinéraires de l’elegance entre l’Orient et l’Occident. Fondation Boghossian, Brussels, Belgium
Lonarte 10. Dos Prazeres Gallery, Madeira, Portugal

Maverick. Themes & Variations, London, Britain
Venice Projects, Museo D’Arte Contemporanea Berengo, Venice, Italy

The hands of Art. Project by Ronny Van de Velde, Smak, Stedelijk Museum Voor Actuele Kunst, Gent, Belgium
International Photography Month, Simon Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand
Essences intensees. Art&Perfume, French Institute, Zagreb, Croatia

Miroir, mon beau miroir. Maison Guerlain, Paris, France
Faccia Lei. Portraits in Translation, Arsenale Di Vanezia – Spasio Thesis, Venice, Italy
Art Is An Idea: The Moquay Collection. Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art, Phœnix, Arizona, USA
Acquisitions 1999-2006, Maison Europeene De La Photographie, Paris, France
Essences insensees. Fukuoka Art Museum, Fukuoka, Japan
Essences insensees. Ayala Museum, Manila, Philippines
Face a Faces. Akuryri Art Museum, Akureyri, Iceland
Mickey Upside Down. Artcurial, Paris, France

The 2005 Best of Show. Farmani Gallery of contemporary photography. Los Angeles, California, USA
Face to Face. City Art Centre. Edinburgh, Scotland

We Are the World. Museo Nacional Reina Sofia. Madrid, Spain
The Bogey Man (after Goya). Chelsea Art Museum, New York, USA

Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, Halifax, Canada
Joey Tanenbaum Collection, Toronto, Canada
Fine Arts Museum, Houston, Texas, USA
The Moquay Collection, Phoenix, Arizona, USA
The Stephane Jansen Collection, Scottsdale, Arizona, USA
Diane Von Furstenberg, New York, NY, USA
Ruarts Foundation, Moscow, Russia
The Israel Museum, Jerusalem, Israel
Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Tel Aviv, Israel
Phoenix Insurances Ltd, Tel-Aviv, Israel
Jervis Center, Dublin, Ireland
Sheika Paula Mubarak Al-Sabah, Dar Noor, Kuwait
Univest Group, Kuwait City, Kuwait
Vehbi Koç Foundation Contemporary Art Collection, Istanbul, Turquey
Picciotto Collection, Beirut, Lebanon
Le Yacht Club Beirut, Lebanon
Zeit-Foto Salon, Tokyo, Japan
Kawasaki City Museum, Kawasaki, Japan
Grand Marble, Kyoto, Japan
The Marianne & Pierre Nahon Collection, Venice, Italy
The Linda & Guy Pieters Collection, Sint-Martens-Latem, Belgium
Lhoist Group, Bruxelles, Belgium
Maison Delvaux, Brussels, Belgium
The Caldic Collection, Rotterdam, Netherlands
Fototeca Nacional del Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia (INAH), Pachuca de Soto, Mexico
Universidad Autónoma del Estado de Hidalgo (UAEH), Mexico
Cúpula Cultural Center (CCC), Merida, Yucatan, Mexico
Museo Soumaya, Mexico
Museo das Artes-Casa das Mudas, Madeira, Portugal
Ivorypress, Madrid, Spain
Collection David Brolliet, Geneva, Switzerland
Maison européenne de la photographie (MEP), Paris, France
Bibliothèque nationale de France (BNF), Paris, France
Denyse & Philippe Durand-Ruel, Paris, France
Bank Neuflize/ABN AMRO, Paris, France
Meeschaert Bank Collection, Paris, France
Price Waterhouse Coopers, Paris, France
AXA Art, Paris, France
Yves Klein Archives, France
Veuve Clicquot, Reims, France
Ville d’Angers, France
Ville des Baux-de-Provence, France
Arthus-Bertrand Jewellery, Paris, France
Puig Collection, Paris, France
Fondation Guerlain, Paris, France
Château La Coste, Provence, France
FRAC, La Réunion, France
Commission by Centre national de la photographie (CNP), Paris, France
Commission by Olympus France, Paris, France
Commission by Fondation Claude Pompidou, Paris, France
Commission by Olympus Europa, Hamburg, Germany
Commission by AXA Art, Cologne, Germany
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