The Song Is Sung

2.06.2023 - 2.07.2023
Ruarts Gallery presents ‘The Song Is Sung’, a solo exhibition by Dmitry Tsvetkov. The viewer will see new works – graphics and objects specially created for the project. As before, Tsvetkov’s visual language is based on his tiny men, the ‘Tsvetkov people’, which will also be presented at the exhibition as separate objects.

The title ‘The Song Is Sung’ came from life and this is not a tragic end, but rather irony. From the start Tsvetkov called his musical drawings ‘lullabies’ or ‘songs’, and they served as an outlet in his spare time from exhausting commercial orders. According to the author, he started his graphic series on lines from his favourite poets more than 20 years ago. ‘Lullaby’ with verse by Joseph Brodsky was first exhibited in the exhibition ‘Personal Space’, held at the Ruarts Gallery in December 2022, and several of Tsvetkov’s music sheets have already been showcased at the Museum of Moscow, in Krasnoyarsk and Berlin. Now this has finally grown into a separate large-scale project.


28.04.2023 - 4.06.2023
Nizhny Novgorod

9B Gallery in collaboration with the Ruarts Gallery presents a solo exhibition by the Moscow artist Alexey Luka. The project ‘Side View’ is dedicated to transitional states, loss of stability and the search for balance.
The title of the exhibition refers to a concept in oratory – the technique of taking a ‘side view’, when the situation has risen to a critical maximum and it’s necessary to consider the course of a conversation from the position of an observer, stepping aside from subjective thought structures.
Alexey Luka will create a dual space in 9B Gallery, giving the viewer an opportunity to choose the trajectory of movement through the exhibition, to independently determine the point of observation and reflection. One of the objects at the exhibition in the form of a chair will literally allow you to look ‘from the side’, shifting the focus of vision and altering the direction of your thought process.
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