Cornelie Tollens
Cornelie Tollens is a famous Dutch photographer, was born in 1964 in the Netherlands. She graduated from the Photography Academy in Haarlem in 1990, the Netherlands. Cornelie Tollens’ art entails both free work and assignments for clients. She started working as a fashion photographer for magazines like Elle and Elegance, but soon also was published in art magazines like Avenue, Blvd., Credits, La Vie en Rose, M (NRC) and Dif. She also was commissioned to create international campaigns for brands such as Nike, Ikea, Nokia, Hema, Martini and Blueblood. Today exhibitions of her works are shown in Milan, Paris, Amsterdam, New York, Kyoto and Brussels, among other places.

Selected exhibitions

2019 Deep Inside. Ruarts Gallery, Moscow, Russia
2015 Everything but Clothes, Museum Arnhem, Arnhem, Netherlands
2014 Hunting. Flatland Gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands
2013 DISCO. Flatland Gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands
2012 Fashionfantasy. BlowUp Gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands
2010 The Perfect World. Ruarts Gallery, Moscow, Russia
2009 Blow-Up Gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands
2007 Flatland Gallery, Utrecht, Netherlands
2005 Groninger Museum, Groningen, Netherlands
Gallery Aeroplastics, Brugge, Belgium
2003 Gallery Aeroplastics, Brussels, Belgium
Gasunie. Groningen, Netherlands
2000 Gallery Serieuze Zaken, Amsterdam, Netherlands
1999 Marella Arte, Milano, Italy
1998 ACF. Amsterdam, Netherlands
Exedra, Hilversum, Netherlands
1996 Kunsthal, Rotterdam, Netherlands
Museum of Modern Art, Arnhem, Netherlands

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