Sergei Borisov
Sergei Borisov was born in Moscow in 1947. In the 1970s and the 80s he was working on shootings of the soviet music stars and pop-rock bands for posters and album covers of the record label «Melody». In 1979 Borisov created art studio «Studio 50 A», where the socialites of that time were getting together. Sergei Borisov is on the jump till now. His works are being exhibited in museums and the most prestigious galleries in Russia and abroad and sold at the leading auctions of the world.

Selected solo exhibitions

New meanings. Ruarts Gallery, Moscow, Russia
Zeitgeist, Plovdiv 2019 Foundation, Plovdiv, Bulgaria
Zeitgeist, National Art Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria
Kinotavr 2017, Zimniy Theater, Sochi, Russia
Zeitgeist, Moscow museum of modern art, Moscow, Russia
Girls, Girls, Girls. RuArts Gallery, Moscow , Russia
Glasnost and Perestroyka in Moscow. AKKA Gallery, Zurich, Switzerland
Studio 50А. RuArts Gallery, Moscow , Russia
Video Art of Sergei Borisov. National center for Contemporary arts, Moscow, Russia
Bare Bohemia. RuArts Gallery, Moscow, Russia
Body Language. Glaz Gallery, Moscow, Russia
New Petersburg. Corinthia Hotel, Saint Petersburg, Russia
People and Their Time. Manezh Exhibition Hall, Moscow, Russia
Sergei Borisov. Glaz Gallery, Moscow, Russia
Sergei Borisov, Moskau. Village.Town.City.Photographs, Alex Schlesinger Gallery, Zurich, Switzerland
Bieler phototage. Jegge Gallery, Biel, Switzerland
Nude. The 4-th International Photography Month in Moscow: Photobiennale 2002, Manezh Exhibition Hall, Moscow, Russia
Naked people. Retrospective, Tochka Gallery, Moscow, Russia
Sergei Borisov. Kulturforum, Oberursel, Germany
Generation Next. Alexander Gallery, Washington, USA
People and Trends of New Culture. Manezh Exhibition Hall, Moscow , Russia
Typology of Fashion. Manezh Exhibition Hall, Moscow, Russia
Portraet einer Zeit. Fotos von Sergei Borisov. Galerie Ars + Birmensdorf, Birmensdorf, Switzerland
Generation Х. Maliy Manezh, Moscow, Russia
Russia, Generazione X. Il Diaframma-Kodak Cultura Gallery, Milan, Italy
Fiesta. Press center of ХIХ Moscow Film Festival, Moscow, Russia
Continents. TV center, Ryazan, Russia
Paris-Moscow, Hermitage club, Moscow, Russia

Selected group exhibitions

PERKINNALE. The ART4 Museum. Moscow, Russia
Museum Night. Underground is alive! Studio 50А, Moscow, Russia
Evolution of Sight. 1991-2016. Central Exhibition Hall Manege, Moscow, Russia
Opening of the Yeltsin Presidential Center. Boris Yeltsin Presidential Center, Yekaterinburg, Russia
The Worker and Kolkhoz Woman. Personal Case, MEA Manege, Moscow, Russia
Insight. Scenes from Russian art life1986 – 1992, The Ekaterina Cultural Foundation, Moscow, Russia
Archive M. MMOMA, Moscow, Russia
Zero Object. Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow, Russia
Untamed Fashion in USSR. Nieuw Dakota, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Beauty without glamour. The Russian Museum, Saint Petersburg, Russia
Time bells. The Lumiere Brothers Center for Photography, Moscow , Russia
Moscow Photographic Salon, Gallery of Classical Photography, Moscow, Russia
Silence is death. Artplay, Moscow, Russia
Noir. RuArts Gallery, Moscow , Russia
La Lecon de l’histoire. Palais de Tokio, Paris, France
Glasnost. Haunch of Venison, London , UK
Passion Bild. АККА Gallery, Zurich, Switzerland
ICONS 1960- 1980s. The Lumiere Brothers Center for Photography, Moscow , Russia
PunkPerestroyka 80. Europe ХХL, Lille, France
Landscape. RuArts Gallery, Moscow, Russia
Hooligans of 80’s. Manezh Exhibition Hall, Moscow, Russia
Glastnost/Perestroyka. Diehl+Gallery One, Moscow, Russia
Good artist… RuArts Gallery, Moscow, Russia
Soc Art. La Maison Rouge, Paris, France
Soc Art. The State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow, Russia
The Alternative Art of 60’s-90’s. Central House of Artist, Moscow, Russia
10-th Anniversary of Moscow House of Photography, Moscow, Russia
Sergei Borisov. Metamorphosis of the game, Manezh Exhibition Hall, Saint Petersburg , Russia
Nonkonformisten. Bern, Zurich, Geneve, Switzerland
Collaborators. The State Tretyakov Gallery, The 1-st Moscow Biennale of Fine Art, Moscow, Russia
Flat Art. Tochka Gallery, The 1st Moscow Biennale of Fine Art, Moscow, Russia
Moscow – Berlin. The State Historical Museum, Moscow, Russia
Paris. PhotoSoyuz Gallery, Moscow, Russia
Photo relay race: from Rodchenko to our days. Moscow House of Photography, Moscow, Russia
School of painting. Part 2. National Center for Contemporary Arts, Moscow, Russia
Moscow. City. Spectacle. Capital of Photography, Wallach Art Gallery, University of Colombia, New York, USA
The Russian Nude XXth Century Photography. Luke& A Gallery of Modern Art, London, UK
In the search of time lost. Museum of Modern History, Moscow, Russia
Metamorphosis. The British Council, Moscow, Russia
Russia. Central House of Artist, Moscow, Russia
Generation PEPSI. The Central House of Artists, Moscow, Russia
Icons Of The Millennium. The Chimney, The Old Truman Brewery, London, UK
Moscow 1920-2000. The Russian Centre of Culture and Technology, Berlin, Germany
Golden CANON. The Kremlin, Moscow, (the 1-st Prize), Russia
Aufbruch. Bayer Exhibition Centre, Leverkusen, Germany
Two Cabinets & Fenso Museum. Contemporary art institute, Moscow , Russia
New York photography fair. The Puck Building, New York, USA
From the late Soviet era to the 1990's. Fitchburg Art Museum, Fitchburg, USA
Photo relay race: from Rodchenko to our days. А-3 Gallery, Moscow, Russia
Moscow though the eyes of contemporary photographers. Manezh Exhibition Hall, Moscow, Russia
Les nouveaux mythes et la nouvelle realite. La Base, Centre d'Art contemporaine, Paris, France
Renewal and Metamorphosis. MIT Museum, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, UK
Paris AS IT IS. Central House of Architects, Moscow, Russia
Padovafiere, Padova, Italy
Saint Petersburg – a glance from a stranger. The State museum of History of Saint Petersburg, Saint Petersburg, Russia
Damaged Utopia. Kunstlerwerkstadt, Munich, Germany
Neue Fotokunst aus Russland. Galerie im Karmelitorkloster, Frankfurt on Main, Germany


Moscow House of Photography, Moscow
Museum of photographic collections, Moscow
Moscow History Museum, Moscow
Moscow Museum of Modern art, Moscow
The State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow
Kunsthaus, Zurich
Musee d’Elisee, Lozanna
MIT-Museum, Cambridge
Museum University State of Texas, Austin
The Jane Voorhees Zimmerli Art Museum at Rutgers, New Brunswick
The State University of New Jersey, New Brunswick
Museum d’Arto Russo, Roma
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